Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Summer 2010 catch up!

So because we didn't have the intranet for so long I decided that I should just give a recap of the last year.

So here are some fun pictures of what we did over the summer.

My Mom, my sister Jennifer and I did a lot of canning over the summer. We love to get together and spend the day together.

Our BEAUTIFUL Salsa that we canned I think that there are some canned pickles back there too.

Jenifer and Adelea.

Me and my Mom.

My sister Trish came up from St George to visit and we took the kids to Wheeler Farm to have lunch. And to see the animals

Kaitlyn, Isaac, Zac, Lilyann, Lexi, and Mike

The Kids playing in the Tree House.

Maci Sucking her fingers.

Going for a wagon ride.

Lexi and Lilyanne riding on the stroller.

Lexi took a dance class and liked to get herself dressed.

Blast from the past

Maci liked to sleep on her tummy and whenever i would put her in her bouncer she would wiggler herself onto her tummy.


Swim day at Grandma and Grandpa Hartley's house.

Gram and Pop took us to Cowabunga Bay for uncle Bean's Birthday we had so much FUN!!!

Lexi and Daddy in the Lazy River.

Daddy wearing the Birthday Hat!



Polly and Gram

Maci Grace

Lexi and Buba

Polly and Tyler


Lexi and Mommy

Mommy and Lexi hanging out in the car waiting for Daddy

The Splash Pad at the Gare Way

The Burton Family Reunion

The Monster Truck Show

Maci's Blessing Day!

We blessed Maci on the 4th of July

Playing with Grandpa in the pool

Riding on pop's motorcycle with Shelby
Maci's stay at Primary Childrens hospital.

Luke Bryant Concert at the Westerner

Wendy and I

My HOT Husband!

Anything Here